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B-Side Fishing

About The Show

When you’re a passionate angler living in a crowded state – in my case, one stereotyped as the land of highways, malls and refineries – you have two choices: move out or adapt. I chose the latter – finding fish, serenity and beauty between the Olive Gardens and Costcos in "Dirty Jersey". I specialize in underappreciated or surprising fisheries, locations and people, and my new series, B-Side Fishing, gives me the opportunity to do what I do best.

Some anglers want fancy lodges, a sense of solitude, or destination checkmarks on their bucket lists. That’s fine, but the truth is, we’ve all got great fishing close to home. Great fishing shouldn’t be defined by internet threads and shiny ads; any fishing that inspires you, that gets you pumped can be great. Those are the fisheries you’ll see on B-Side Fishing.