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Meet The Host

Rick & Julie Kreuter

Rick & Julie Kreuter

Rick was raised in the small town of Sundance, Wyoming, near Devils Tower. Introduced to the outdoors and hunting by his Dad, he's been hooked since the age of 7. He first started shooting his Dad’s Bear recurve and he still loves shooting traditional equipment today.

He earned a college scholarship thru athletics and although he almost flunked out due to excessive hunting, he eventually graduated with his degree in Physical Therapy! Later, in the early 90’s, he started RK Outfitters, a guiding service that specializes in bow hunting for western big game. He's been very fortunate over the years as today he is still living his dream in the outdoors.

Julie grew up on her family's ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska where most of her summers were spent either horseback working cattle or on a tractor in the hayfield. After High School, she went on to college to earn a degree in Physical Therapy, which is where she met Rick. Although she grew up in a hunting family, it actually wasn’t until Rick and Julie started dating when she began chasing animals with a bow. As beginner’s luck would have it, her very first bowkill was a great 150’s class whitetail that she shot from a treestand in Nebraska while Rick was in Wyoming.