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Meet The Host

Jackie Bushman

Jackie Bushman

Long before the outdoor entertainment industry took shape in the late 1980s and early 1990s, it was made up of pockets of hunters, outfitters and producers. There were publications, clubs and other resources to unite the sequestered communities of outdoor enthusiasts, but there were no organizations that could offer all of those things under one roof. Then came Jackie Bushman.

A life-long deer hunter, Jackie Bushman saw the opportunity to connect hunters from all over the country, sharing tips techniques and a variety of other resources that would ensure the preservation and promotion of America’s time-honored tradition. To do so, he created Buckmasters. Buckmasters combined all of the elements of the different clubs and media publications, offering hunters the chance to belong to a catch-all organization whose main focus was promoting deer hunting.

Knowing that one man’s advice and experience could only go so far, Jackie reached out to the leading experts in the field to provide members of his organization with the best articles and advice columns. Eventually, the organization expanded its operations into a magazine, events and competitions, and, eventually a television program.

With each new Buckmasters offering, Jackie relied on his ability to innovate and attract new members. A true visionary, Jackie helped paved the way for what would become the modern outdoor entertainment industry. As the regional groups began to assemble on a national scale, Buckmasters had already established itself as an industry leader. Without being tied to a larger corporation or outfitter, Buckmasters has continued to be a favorite choice of hunters for an unbiased and authentic look at the world of deer hunting.

Today, Jackie works side by side with the other successful independent outdoor company: Outdoor Channel. Producing Buckmasters as well as The Jackie Bushman Show, Jackie continues to ensure that his organization will also be moving the industry forward and breaking new ground with other pioneers.