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About the Show

Dead Meat

Dead Meat is about finding interesting people who have a passion for making some of the ugliest critters taste delicious. They're passionate about getting the most from the creatures and the parts of animals less eaten,” said Scott Leysath, host of Dead Meat. “The show is edgy, outrageous, funny and maybe just a little scary to those who don't keep a freezer full of pythons, sea cucumbers or rodents. Think ‘Swamp People' meets Anthony Bourdain. I just hang out with others who make the assumption that, ‘If it's worth killing, it's worth eating." Alaska's not just for trophy hunters. Although there are plenty of big animals to hunt here, those who prefer to live off the land as much as possible don't leave much behind. As it turns out, deer tongues, necks and shanks, as well as diver ducks, are exceptional eating. Far too many hunters waste some very edible wild game parts. These Alaskans eat MORE of what they kill and maybe you should too. Hey, meat's just meat...right? When the snow falls, Sitka, AK hunters cruise the shoreline by boat, looking for the familiar outline of smallish Sitka deer against the banks. The area isn't known for trophy-sized bucks, although a few are taken by those willing to pass on the small ones. Most people are looking to fill their freezers, not hang horns on the wall. Many of the late-born deer don't make it past the winter so it's common for the locals to shoot ‘em and eat ‘em...and not just the better cuts. Deer tongue tacos anyone?