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About the Show

Fly Fusion

Join Fly Fusion magazine Founding Editor, Derek Bird, for season four of the Fly Fusion Series. This season, Derek is joined by acclaimed writer and conservationist Kirk Deeter, respected writer and guide Paul Bruun, popular guide Paula Shearer, fly shop owner and angling legend Mike Dawes, Master Casting Instructor and Fly Fusion Field Editor Jeff Wagner, and former Director of Fish & Wildlife, John F. Turner. Join them as they explore the trout waters of Wyoming and Idaho. As if that wasn’t enough, we asked legendary television and film Producer, RA Beattie, of Beattie Outdoor Productions and Off the Grid Studios, to add his cinematic magic to the mix.

From the host: “If you’ve joined us over the last three seasons you’ve experienced some epic western Canadian fly-fishing adventures. If you’re new to Fly Fusion, this season we’re going to start off on my home waters in the Kootenays. Then, we’re going to travel south to explore the streams of the famed American west. I invite you to join me on a journey of learning and discovery, where I meet up with some of North America’s most knowledgeable fly anglers, along the banks of some of North America’s most iconic trout rivers.” ~ Derek Bird, Founding Editor, Fly Fusion magazine