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Meet The Host

Mario Kalpou

Mario Kalpou

From a very young age, professional hunter, fisherman and restaurateur Mario Kalpou has pursued an obsession for harvesting wild game, and with mastering the adventurous outdoor lifestyle that goes with it.

His grandfather was a world class chef, and when he wasn’t out hunting, Mario was immersed in the hospitality scene of his native Sydney, Australia. He learned the way of the chef - how to elevate cooking to a culinary experience, and his love of good food saw Mario’s passion for sustainably harvesting fish and game from the wild grow stronger.

Mario went on to own and manage several successful restaurants where he worked alongside celebrity chefs and gained a reputation as a top culinary figure himself. But the great outdoors is his natural habitat, and after a decade as a restaurateur Mario swapped his chef’s knives for a rifle, rod and bow. He became a professional hunting and fishing guide and travelled the globe, adventuring and living out his philosophy of “eating wild”. Rigorous training keeps him fit and ready for any extreme expedition.

Man Eats Wild is an action packed TV series, fusing Mario’s passions and talents as he takes us around the globe harvesting wild game in adrenaline pumping adventures. While experiencing new cultures and cuisines, Mario showcases exciting methods of capturing wild food for the table - all driven by a strong belie in the ethical and health benefits of his approach and a desire to conserve our natural environments.