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Spear LIfe: The Annual Florida Brunson Bash

Retired professional basketball player Brad Miller and world-renowned Chef Jerrett Davis are joining the Spear Life crew this week for a fun weekend at the Brunson compound.

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If hanging with the boys, soaking up the beach life, and shooting monster fish sounds like a perfect day to you, then you just might be living the Spear Life. Spear Life is an unscripted documentary series following Jon Brunson and his two lifelong friends, Gary Zumwalt and Coby Treasure, as they travel the globe searching for the best beach towns to have some fun and snag fish big enough to be on any spear fisher’s bucket list.

With every dive there will be new risks and dangers to overcome, and with Jon and his crew, there’s no telling what kind of trouble they might get into, both on and off the water. But the journey doesn’t end there. The oceans depths have a few much larger stories to tell. Jon, Gary, and Coby will visit some of the most notable shipwreck sites to uncover never-before-seen footage and the stories that surround them.