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The Brigade: Race to the Hudson

The Brigade: Race to the Hudson: All or Nothing

Stormy weather and a miscalculated move bring the expedition to a halt.

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With $500,000 dollars at stake, ten strangers unite to conquer a grueling cross-country wilderness expedition that pushes bodies and minds to the extreme. "The Brigade – Race to the Hudson" is a cooperative competition that forces participants to work together as they travel over 750 miles across the York Factory Express - an historic fur trade route legendary for its danger, isolation and beauty. They’ll paddle, portage, and hike through treacherous waterways and unforgiving terrain, with only 28 days to complete their journey. They have no fuel and no GPS. If they can pool their skills, strengths and courage and make it to the end in time, they’ll split the cash prize. But if the team unravels, failure is inevitable. "The Brigade" is not about eliminating foes, it’s about hanging onto every member against the odds.

The Brigade: Race to the Hudson


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