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Life of Fire

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Life of Fire Preview: West Tennessee Whole Hog

Pat Martin opens the series with his roots in BBQ, inviting Zach Parker and Daryl Ramey to join him in the 30-hour process of cooking a West Tennessee-style whole hog in Corinth, Mississippi. Watch the first few minutes of this episode.

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Life of Fire follows legendary pitmaster Pat Martin as he travels the country to meet the people who have mastered the old methods of barbecue and the art of live fire cooking. Each episode features a unique style of barbecue or live fire cooking, and Pat will embed himself with pitmasters, chefs, farmers, and some larger than life characters, as they share their own cooking heritage and traditions with him and speak to the importance of keeping those customs alive. Pat will feature different techniques and practices from across the state of Tennessee to Alabama, North Georgia, Virginia, and all the way out to California. There are even some stops to learn about international traditions from places like Greece and Laos along the way. Pat speaks the language of time-honored cooking traditions and is at home in the culture of wood, smoke, and coals to tell the foodways of cooking over fire.